How To Do: Providence Pride!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Picnic in the Park starts at noon at Colt State Park, Route 114, Bristol, RI 02809. We’re in sites 31 – 34. FOOD! FUN! CORNHOLE!!

Call Time/Location


CALL LOCATION: Clifford Street, near the intersection of Richmond Street in Providence

It’s about a 15-minute walk to the call location from the Omni Providence Downtown (0.6 miles)

The parade route is one mile, including the section we need to walk prior to the official step-off, starting at City Hall and ending at the Providence Performing Arts Center

What to Wear

Uniform (musicians/banner):
* White uniform marching band pants
* White 2019 marching band t-shirt
* White shoes (Dinkles or otherwise, but must be solid white with no logos)
* White web belt (optional)
* White socks
* White underwear (trust us on this, we’ll know if you don’t!)
* White marching band hat (supplied if you don’t already have one)
* Rainbow overlay (always supplied at step-off)
* Purple plume (always supplied at step-off)

Uniform (color guard):
* Your full 2019 uniform
* White shoes (Dinkles or otherwise, but must be solid white with no logos)


The complete 2019 marching set and bonus tracks


This is an Illuminated Night Parade, s we’ll have lots of glow to adorn your body, your instrument, and your hat! Feel free to bring your own glow or illuminations to supplement what the band supplies. Lighting and glow, YES! Glitter and wigs, NO!

Book Lights

This is a nighttime parade, and book lights are MANDATORY if you’re still on-book. We’ll have $1 book lights at step-off (exact change please!)

Instrument Cases and Bags

Leave your instrument case and any other bags in your hotel room. If you’re not staying at the hotel you may leave your personal items in the truck, however, space is limited


There are port-o-sans at our call location

Weather Report

Mostly sunny. High of 79°, low of 63°