How To Do: The Edie Windsor Landmark Dedication!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Call Time/Location


CALL LOCATION: 2 Fifth Avenue (Fifth Avenue between 8th Street and Washington Mews, north of Washington Sq. Park). Take the R/W to 8 Street Station and walk west on 8th Street.


Full winter blacks (we know that many of you will be coming from work. Please do the best you can but we’re not going to be picky about the uniform):
* Black pants
* Black shoes/sneakers
* Black jacket or other black layer on top
* White marching band hat (supplied if you don’t already have one)
* Purple plume and scarf (supplied)


The complete 2018 marching set and bonus tracks, including:
* Vida la Vida
* I Wanna Dance with Somebody
* Born This Way

Music will be available at step-off. Please make sure you put it into a flip folder prior to arrival!

Case Storage

To save time. please leave your instrument cases at work if possible. Otherwise, case storage will be in the equipment van at the call location.


Mostly cloudy with a high of 50°.