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Frequently Asked Questions

No! We do not hold auditions for any ensemble; however we do encourage that you be able to read music or are currently learning.

Absolutely not! We are open to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification.

Nope! We have a number of non-musicians in our ranks, including members of the Color Guard, banner carriers, Band Aides, photographers, Front-of-House staff, and concert production personnel, just to name a few.

Not at all. We do have some professionals in our ranks, but most of us are amateurs.

Of course! Many of our members hadn’t played for years when they joined us. You’ll be surprised how quickly it comes back once you start rehearsing regularly!

We do own a few instruments (sousaphones, percussion, larger brass, etc.), both symphonic and marching, that we can loan to members who need them. If we don’t have an instrument available, we can help you find a low-cost rental.

There is a participation fee per season. The symphonic band has two seasons (fall and spring), and the marching band has one primary season (summer).

This money helps offset a number of our operational expenses, including concert hall rental, music purchase, equipment truck rental, etc. For our out-of-town marching trips, members usually pay for their transportation and lodging. However, it is our standing policy to accept everyone, regardless of financial need, and we have scholarship and sponsorship opportunities for those who need them.

During the Marching Band on-season (March-July), we rehearse every Thursday from 6:30pm until sunset at Foley Square, located at Worth and Lafayette Streets in Lower Manhattan. During the off-season (August-February), we rehearse once a month. Indoor locations will be used as necessary.

The Symphonic Band rehearses Mondays from 7:00—10:00 pm at Julia Richman Educational Complex, located at 317 E 67th Street between First and Second Avenues. The winter concert season typically runs from September to December, and the spring concert season from January to April.

We’ll set you up in Chorus Connection, which we use as our band management system. You’ll have access to the calendar, and receive important updates from our Music Directors, your section leader, and the Leadership Team.