How To Do

The St. Pat’s for All Parade

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Call Time/Location

Call time: 1:00 PM
Call location: 43rd Street between Skillman Avenue and Barnett Avenue, in Queens


Subway: Take the the 7 train to 40th Street and Lowery Street

  • Service Alert #1: There is no 7 train service between Manhattan and Queensboro Plaza this weekend. Take the N/W to Queensboro Plaza and transfer to the 7
  • Service Alert #2: Flushing-bound 7 trains are not stopping at 33 St, 40 St, 46 St, 52 St, and 69 St. Take the 7 to 61 St-Woodside or 74 St and transfer to a Queensboro Plaza-bound train. Queensboro Plaza-bound trains ARE stopping at 40th Street


Winter blacks! That means black pants, black shoes or sneakers, black jacket/sweatshirt/fleece, black anything else that’s showing. Layer up underneath, especially if it’s chilly out! Bring your white marching band hat, and we will supply plumes and a fashionable purple scarf. If you have a purple and black LGBA jacket from the 2013 Inauguration, you’re welcome to wear that.


Our full 2016 marching set, plus The Galway Piper (to be distributed before the parade). Yes, that’s 2016; we haven’t learned our new music for 2017 yet! If you need music, click here to access the music Dropbox.

Case/Personal Storage

We will have Band-in-a-Box available at step-off and as our follow car for your cases and personal effects. As with all parades, we encourage you to bring as little as possible.


The weather is expected to be sunny with a high of 38° F. Bundle up!

Fun Facts!

This year’s parade is honoring Phil Donahue, who is attending along with Marlo Thomas. The Mayor will also be there. There will also be a crew filming the parade for a PBS documentary on the “St Pat’s for All” movement. They are expecting huge crowds!