Our mission is to provide the lesbian and gay community with a supportive and friendly environment for musical and artistic expression and, through performance, to promote social acceptance, equality, and harmony for all. We welcome interested individuals of all orientations to come see for themselves how artistic dedication within a social environment can create quality entertainment that pleases, educates, and challenges us to grow.


Kelly Watkins joined The Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps Symphonic Band as Artistic Director and Conductor in 2013. Outside of the LGBAC, she is a trumpet player in the United States Coast Guard Band. Read more.

Kelly Watkins, Symphonic Band Artistic Director & Conductor


Marita Begley, the Artistic Director of The Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps Marching Band, was born in love with all things band. She joined the LGBAC in 1982 and has served as artistic director since 2004. Read more.

Marita Begley, Marching Band Artistic Director & Drum Major